Several Unusual Harbingers of Erectile Dysfunction

Several Unusual Harbingers of Erectile Dysfunction

Several Unusual Harbingers of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can creep in gradually and imperceptibly, but there are warning bells by which this trouble can be recognized and cured in time. Some ED symptoms can be very strange and unexpected. What are they? You will learn them by reading this article.

Every man is interested in keeping his sexual vigor as long as possible, so he should know about the first symptoms of possible erectile dysfunction (ED).

The traditional signs of starting problems with potency are known to many, and it’s also not a secret to anyone that a man’s health can start to “limp” early in those who have cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Sexual attraction and good potency always depend on the general health of the man. Therefore, some breakdowns in the human body, even minor ones, may eventually lead to deterioration in sexual function.
Several Unusual Harbingers of Erectile Dysfunction

Traditional ED Symptoms

A lot of men after a failure in sex periodically ask themselves a question: “Do I have ED?” Perhaps this trouble was the result of severe fatigue and is not an alarming symptom, but what if something’s not right? Let’s find out what factors should make a man think about his impotence.

The cause of sexual dysfunction can be:

  1. Excess weight. The risk of potency impairment is directly related to the number of extra pounds.
  2. Stress, nervous shock, depression. Do not trigger nerve disorders, as they can not only worsen your sex life, but also cause many other diseases.
  3. Bad habits, alcohol abuse, cigarettes, use of drugs (of any dosage). These substances are harmful to health in general, and therefore affect the intimate sphere, too.
  4. Physical inactivity. Extremely low mobility worsens blood circulation and causes low testosterone.
  5. High blood pressure and some other cardiovascular diseases.

If you have at least one of these factors, even rare failures in sex should alert you – it is quite possible that this is the first symptom of impending sexual weakness.

Elderly age does not cause erectile dysfunction, although most men with problematic erections are aged. However, the reason is not in age-related changes of the penis, but in the big number of accumulated diseases that oppress sexual function. Studies have shown that about 18 million younger men starting from 20 years old have problems with potency. This again confirms the fact that age itself does not cause ED.

Taking certain medications can also lead to disruptions of the penile work, so carefully read the instructions before taking the drug. For example, some antidepressants can not only cause ED, but also low libido.

Unusual Causes Indicating Higher Risk for ED

Gum diseaseThe above-listed causes and symptoms of ED are familiar to most men. Everyone knows which factors are harmful to health. However, there are symptoms of ED which seem to most people completely unexpected. These include diseases such as sleep apnea, gum disease, vitamin D deficiency, and osteoporosis. It would seem that these problems generally have nothing in common with sex, but this is not entirely true – they can become very important indicators of impotence. Let’s learn more about each of them.

Gum Disease

Not so long ago in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was said that gum disease could be a symptom of ED. Indeed, studies have shown that men with problem gums are three times more likely to experience failures in sex compared to those who have a healthy oral cavity. The reason for this connection is not in the gums, but in the inflammatory process. If it was delayed for a long time, it is able to alert the immune system, which disrupts the work of the whole organism. In addition, bacteria in the mouth gradually enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. All this can cause a general weakening of the body and the eventual appearance of ED. In this situation, first of all, it is necessary to deal with the treatment focused on the inflammation, and the rest of the body functions will gradually restore, as well. If problems with potency do not disappear, you will need treatment with Viagra, Cialis or other PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors.

Sleep Apnea

A lack of sleep adversely affects the quality of sex and reduces libido. However, it’s worth it to sleep well and everything quickly returns to normal. With apnea, things are much worse. This disease not only prevents a person from sleeping normally, but also from breathing correctly. This ailment leads to a temporary suffocation in a dream, as well as the destruction of soft tissues in the throat. It results in blocking of the air passages, thus breathing becomes more complicated and difficult. Constant lack of sleep and oxygen worsens the blood circulation in the penis and lower the level of testosterone, which leads to problems with erections. Stress due to lack of sleep also does not improve the condition of the reproductive system.

How to deal with this? Doctors recommend choosing the right pose for sleep, and also using special masks. According to the ISSM, the elimination of sleep apnea or at least easing the disease substantially improves the potency. If the man is healthy in general, it is likely that his ED will disappear along with his problematic sleep.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamins in sufficient quantities are necessary to maintain human health. Lack of a particular vitamin for a long time can cause various diseases. Vitamin D is produced in the human body in the summer under the influence of sunlight, and in the cold season, it can be obtained from certain foods (fish oil) or additives. There is a link between vitamin D deficiency and nerve damage and even the appearance of cancer cells. In recent years, doctors have been advising patients to take a test every year to be sure of the adequate amount of this amino acid in the body. A timely deficit can easily be eliminated without destructive consequences for the organism.

As it recently turned out, a lack of vitamin D can not only disrupt the absorption of calcium and cause some diseases, but also lead to ED. Recent studies (involving 3,400 men) showed that people suffering from a shortage of this vitamin suffer from ED 32% more often than those who have it in abundance. Therefore, if you care about your potency, do not forget about the «sunlight vitamin» – it will help you to save your health, including the sexual one.


OsteoporosisOsteoporosis is a rather “vile” disease that imperceptibly sneaks into the body, destroying the bones and making them weak and brittle. Usually, it is believed that osteoporosis is a woman’s disease, because it mostly affects women over 40 years of age. However, in 2016, there was a study conducted which showed that in men this ailment is also quite a “frequent guest.” Moreover, it is associated with another male problem – erectile dysfunction. About four thousand men took part in the study. It turned out that in those of them who suffered from osteoporosis, ED was diagnosed three times more often.

Physicians tend to believe that a low level of testosterone leads both to sexual impotence and to the excessive porosity of bones. Note that in women, osteoporosis also develops due to changes in the hormonal background.

Usually men with weakened bones and ED have vitamin D deficiency, too, which we told you about in the previous paragraph. To avoid these problems, doctors recommend including products rich in calcium and vitamin D in the diet. In case of acute deficiency, they should be taken as separate supplements.

When Do You Need to Visit a Doctor?

A lot of men suffer from erectile dysfunction but feel embarrassed to tell a doctor about it. Their anxieties are understandable, but vain, because thousands of American males after 40 years of age have failures in sex. Whether these failures will shift to ED depends on the man’s health and timely visits to a specialist. So, you should address him as soon as possible if your intimate life becomes worse.

What are the questions to ask?

  1. Is your ED caused by medication? Some medicines can significantly affect potency.
  2. Do you have any diseases that can cause ED? As already mentioned above, there are many ailments that can cause ED, increasing the likelihood of its appearance or serving as its indicator.
  3. Can depression or severe stress affect potency? Sometimes it is enough to bring the nervous system in order, so that problems with sex are resolved by themselves.

These questions will help your doctor find out the cause of your illness and eliminate it. For example, high blood pressure or endocrine disorders are well-treated, so problems with erections connected with them disappear or become less common.

Also, a doctor’s consultation at the first signs of ED is necessary because they can be symptoms of other, more serious diseases.

How to Get Rid of Erection Problems

What if you have problems with erections? Go to your doctor and follow all his instructions. If there are no serious diseases, then a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve the situation.

Physical activityAlso, the guarantee of successful sex will be a result of the following:

  • maintaining a healthy weight;
  • physical activity, sport;
  • proper nutrition, which gives all the necessary substances and vitamins;
  • good sleep and rest;
  • lack of stress;
  • absence of long breaks in intimate life.

If all of this does not help, then do not despair, because with modern pharmacology ED is not a verdict. There are PDE5 inhibitors, which quickly and effectively allow you to achieve a good erection (in the presence of sexual arousal). The CialisBit online pharmacy offers a wide range of such products at very competitive prices. You will find a wide range of drugs for ED based on sildenafil or tadalafil with the ability to order free samples. We offer a safe money transaction, convenient and fast delivery, anonymous packages, and bonuses to regular customers. If you pay with bitcoins, you will get a 35% discount.

ED is not a problem for the modern man and not a reason to refuse an active sex life. Return your male power with our drugs, especially since they are quite inexpensive.