Cialis Side Effects

Cialis Side Effects

Male and female Cialis, like any other medicines, have their own contraindications and side effects. In this article, they are all described in detail. All risks and dangers are listed, too. Also, you can read about what can prevent the use of this medication and what cannot.

Cialis has a reputation as an effective medicine which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and its popularity continues to grow. This drug acts milder and longer than the well-known Viagra, but at the same time, it is much cheaper. Despite all these advantages, this drug, like any other medicine, has some side effects.

The effectiveness of Cialis is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from men who have already used this drug.

What Is Cialis?

Cialis is an effective drug which is based on tadalafil. Its main action is in the inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme, reducing the tone of penis smooth muscles and increasing blood circulation. The drug provides a stable, strong erection and prolonged excitement. The erection disappears naturally, with relief after ejaculation. The action of the drug starts only in presence of excitation (even minimal), otherwise there will be no effect.

How long lasts the medicine effect? Cialis starts its work at least 15 minutes after intake and lasts up to 36 hours. Cialis is not a hormonal treatment, so it doesn’t affect the level of testosterone and luteinizing hormones in the body of a man, and its effect on the internal organs is minimal. There is no effect on the quality of spermatozoa, so this medicine cannot prevent conception. If the couple has problems with conception because of the inability to have sex, then in this case, Cialis will contribute to pregnancy.

Cialis doesn’t affect the reproductive health of men, so it can be safely taken by men with BPH and prostatitis.

The drug is completely eliminated from the body within 36 hours by the kidneys and intestines. Its half-life is about 17.5 hours. The peak of tadalafil concentration in blood plasma comes 2 hours after intake of the pill.
Cialis Side Effects

How to Use Cialis Carefully?

The drug should be taken orally, with a small amount of tea or water. In some cases, the tablet can be divided into two parts (in order to reduce dosage), but this is undesirable. Pills are covered with a special coating and begin to dissolve only in the stomach. Man can use the one pill per day at any time, regardless of food intake. But, thanks to the long duration of Cialis, its daily intake is not recommended.

Erectile dysfunctionIt is better to start taking this drug at the minimal dosage of 2.5 mg or 5 mg. This dosage allows the identification of individual intolerance and possible side effects. If the effect of Cialis is insufficient and the drug is well-tolerated, the dosage can be increased up to 10 mg or 20 mg. Usually, 20 mg is sufficient to deal with severe potency problems, but sometimes the larger doses in 40 mg, 50 mg, and even 80 mg are acceptable.

It is important to pay attention to medications with a dosage of 80 mg and 100 mg. This dosage refers to the weight of the tablet itself, but not to the amount of the active component. In most cases, the mass of tadalafil in the tablet doesn’t exceed 20 mg, and the rest are auxiliary substances that allow prolonging of sexual intercourse. In any case, it is important to consult with a doctor before purchasing drugs with increased dosage.

Remember – the simultaneous intake of several tablets with a dosage of 20 mg poses a great danger for a man’s life!

The higher the dosage of the active substance, the greater likelihood of side effects’ occurrence. Therefore, it is important for men who use Cialis 20 mg to listen to their feelings. If unwanted symptoms occur, stop taking the medication immediately. Studies show that if 20 mg of tadalafil isn’t enough for successful fighting of erectile dysfunction, then the cause of impotency is not connected with vascular problems. This means that the man should to consult an andrologist and choose another treatment.

Cialis is a completely safe drug if to used properly – no more than once a day and at the prescribed dosage.

Also, it is important to know about the cases when Cialis is contraindicated to intake. They include:

  • age under 18 years;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • stroke or heart attack, in the last 6 months;
  • constant intake of medicines that contain nitrates;
  • low blood pressure;
  • contraindication to physical exertion, incl. sex;
  • cases of priapism.

Common Side Effects

HeadacheSo, what are the common side effects? There are side effects of Cialis which are associated with improper dosage and uncontrolled drug intake. But sometimes side effects appear even during the proper use of medication. The common side effects include:

  1. Headache. The pain can be strong or weak, and passes after termination of Cialis action. You can take analgesics for mild pain, as a rule, they help. If the pain is severe, then stop taking the medication.
  2. Leg pain and back pain. Muscle aches and back pain are usually weak enough and don’t require analgesics. Such side effects are quite rare. Very rarely there are leg cramps and joint pain. It is important to make sure that the lower back pain is not caused by other diseases.
  3. Gastric disturbances. There may be indigestion, bloating, dyspepsia, constipation, diarrhea and weak pain in the stomach.
  4. Short-term vision impairment. Visual impairment is associated with changes in blood pressure and blood circulation in the eye, so when you stop taking the Cialis, vision will be quickly restored.
  5. Flushing due to increased blood circulation.

Rare Cialis Side Effects

One of the rarest Cialis side effects is an allergic reaction on the main active component – tadalafil. Usually it is a skin rash, including itching and redness. These reactions will go away soon after the excretion of tadalafil from the body. In rare cases, you will need to take antihistamines. Occasionally, an edema of limbs and eyelids can happen. Also, the development of conjunctivitis can be observed, too.

In some cases, mild dizziness and nausea may occur, and even more rarely there can be an increased nervous excitability and anger, as well as fluid retention in the body.

The most rare, but very dangerous, side effect of Cialis is priapism. In this case, the man has a constant painful erection which lasts more than 4 hours. Blood fills the penis and doesn’t circulate in it, and as a result of this, necrosis may begin. If this situation happens, it is necessary to immediately call a doctor and ambulance. Priapism occurs most often due to overdose of the drug, but it is can also be an individual reaction to tadalafil.

The claims that the remedies for improving potency cause melanoma or another type of cancer are not confirmed. Hair loss, weight gain, hemorrhoids, mood swings, ringing in ears, and stuffy nose are not related to use of Cialis. Memory loss and insomnia are not connected with this generic drug, either. Cialis use doesn’t cause depression state. All these troubles often occur in elderly men, because they most often use the drugs for ED treatment. If all these signs are found in young men, then they need to undergo a complex inspection of organs and systems of body.

Side Effects Depending on Cialis Type

Cialis 20mgThe occurrence of side effects largely depends on the dosage of the drug. The high concentration of tadalafil makes for a higher likelihood that the body will have a negative reaction to it. For this reason, side effects are mainly observed in men who take 20 mg or more, but are rare for those who use 2.5-5 mg tablets.

It is also very important to be guided by the state of your own health. Men with kidney failure need to take Cialis with a minimal dosage, because this will reduce the risks of various side effects. In addition, due to insufficient filtration of the liquid by kidneys, the effect of the drug is greatly enhanced, so a dosage of 5 mg is usually sufficient. The same applies to men older than 60 years of age, because their body reacts more strongly on tadalafil.

What if I Take Cialis And …

Cialis fits well with most drugs, as it doesn’t react with them chemically. The exception is only a few drugs. It is strictly prohibited to combine Cialis with narcotics.

Alcohol Drinks

Alcohol doesn’t react with Cialis and does not reduce its effect. A small amount of alcohol can even be useful (from a psychological point of view), since it helps to relax and not think about the difficulties with potency. But this applies only to a small amount of alcohol (a glass of wine or a bottle of beer). Large doses of ethyl alcohol negatively affect sensitivity, nervous conduction, and potency in general. A large dose of alcohol will worsen the quality of sexual intercourse, regardless of whether Cialis is used or not.

In rare occasions, some men reported mild dizziness after taking the generic together with alcohol. Also, alcohol in combination with a medicine can cause sleep disturbances and anxiety.


Cialis doesn’t react chemically with food and drinks, but the exception is grapefruit juice. It contains substances that completely neutralize the effect of tadalafil. Also, this concern is also present with the juice of other citrus fruits. It is important to remember that when taking Cialis along with the fatty food, you must wait longer for the action to start. The effect will be noticeable only after 40-90 minutes after oral intake of the drug.

Other Medications

Interaction with alcohol, tablets, and grapefruitIf a man takes any medications, then before taking Cialis he needs to consult with a doctor and carefully listen to all of his warnings. Most drugs have normal reaction on the generic, but not all of them. Below is a list of drugs together with which you shouldn’t use Cialis.

  1. Some antibiotics. About this, it is necessary to consult with a doctor.
  2. Inhibitors that are prescribed for HIV and AIDS therapy.
  3. Some antifungal drugs.
  4. Medicines which contain nitrates.
  5. Drugs for hypertension that lowering blood pressure. With constantly lowered arterial pressure, Cialis intake is contraindicated.

Are Female Cialis Side Effects the Same?

What is female Cialis? This drug is not as well-known as the male variant, but it is also quite popular. It strengthens the sexual desire of woman, makes it more stable, and also provides a rush of blood to the genitals. Female Cialis is very effective when used by older women after menopause, as it increases excitement and reduces the dryness of vagina. Similar to the male Cialis, this drug works only if there is at least a little excitement. It can be taken once a day, but the duration of such medication should be limited. Long term use of the drug may lead to the occurrence of side effects. The use of female Cialis poses no danger in the form of side effects for partner.

Side effects of female Cialis are the same as for male. There can be headache, increased heart rate, and fatigue. When treating with generics, women don’t need to worry about their appearance, as the drug is not hormonal, doesn’t cause acne, excess weight, hives, hairiness, etc. Hearing loss, heartburn, cough, and blurred vision are also not connected with Cialis use. Before taking, it is important to carefully read the instructions, in which the all dangerous and negative effects are described in detail.

Female Cialis cannot be taken during pregnancy and lactation, and also cannot be combined with alcohol. The taking of medication during menses is contraindicated, too. Because of increased blood circulation, the drug cannot be taken if there are neoplasms, cysts or precancerous conditions present. Woman should discuss all possible risks and dangers of taking Cialis with her gynecologist.

Are Cialis Side Effects Different from Viagra’s?

Viagra pillsIf comparing Cialis vs Viagra, then these drugs are almost similar. The main benefits of Cialis are in the milder action which lasts for a longer time. Instead of this, the Viagra is stronger. Despite the fact that they contain different active components (for Viagra it is sildenafil), they increase blood circulation and have the same side effects.

Cialis vs Levitra Side Effects

If to compare Levitra and Cialis, it can be said that they are just similar drugs. The main active component of Levitra is vardenafil, which has effect identical to tadalafil and sildenafil. The side effects of all these substances are the same, too. The difference is only in the possible individual reaction (allergy) on the main active component.

What ED Pills Have Less Side Effects?

The strength of the side effects during proper medication depends on the individual characteristics of organism and dosage of the drug. Since Cialis has the mildest action, which is stretched in time, its side effects are much weaker. At the same time, if there is an allergy or other symptoms of intolerance, it will take longer for them to pass, in comparison to Viagra and Levitra, because Cialis is excreted in 36 hours.

Whichever drug will be chosen by the man, it is important to follow the daily dose, avoid the overdose and excessive mental strain during the period of drug taking, and also to adhere to the all precautions.

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Purchasing in online shopCialis OTC should be bought only in trustworthy pharmacies, in order to not acquire the Chinese low-quality counterfeit or expired drug. Our CialisBit online store offers its buyers only high-quality goods at favorable prices. With us, you can buy not only Cialis, but also other drugs for ED treatment, such as Viagra, Kamagra 100 mg, etc.

The buyer will receive his goods within 7 days in any city of the USA. If the order was made for a sum more than $150, then the delivery will be free.

Does Expired Cialis Work?

Does Expired Cialis Work?

This article is about Cialis shelf life. Want to know what is it? How long lasts Cialis before expiration? Is it safe to take expired Cialis pills?

Those who have been taking Erectile Dysfunction medication tablets can attest to their effectiveness. But what most people do not know is how long does Cialis last before it expires. The main reason for the gap in understanding has to do with the fact that the exact expiration date is difficult to pin down, because of the nature of the drug itself. However, by following a few simple rules, you can ensure that you always get the most of your favorite medication.

If you find yourself staring at your old bottle of Cialis sitting in your medicine cabinet and wondering “does expired Cialis still work?” then looking below for answers is your solution. Read on to understand everything you need to know about when you can take the drug and stay safe, and how ingesting expired Cialis could affect your system.

What Is Cialis Shelf Life?

Some experts say that Cialis’ shelf life is as little as one year, while others say it is safe to take up to two years. However, in the case of Erectile Dysfunction medications, leaning toward the conservative side is always a good bet in order to stay safe. And so, a good rule of thumb for Cialis usage is to take it within one year for maximum potency.

And so, the short answer to the “what is the shelf life” question is one year. However, there are a large number of factors that can affect this number. For more information on these, and how they can affect your Cialis experience, read below.

Does Expired Cialis Work?

Is Expired Cialis Still Safe?

Many men wonder “can you take expired Cialis” and while the answer is a tentative yes, it is important to understand the possible effects that may come with ingesting it beyond its shelf life. Expired Cialis begins to chemically decay beyond this point, leaving the user with less effective pills. The medication itself is not dangerous or toxic, however, it is impossible to know whether you are getting a full strength pill or one that will deliver decreased results.

How Long Does Cialis Last Before It Expires?

Cialis lasts a full year before it expires, however, this number can change based on a number of different factors. For more information, take a look at a few of these variables listed below:

  • manufacturer – different manufacturers process their medications in different ways, and each can lead to different expiration dates. This is why it is always good to stick with a single supplier for consistent results;
  • pharmacy – any given pharmacy can store and handle their drugs differently from the next, and all of these factors will change the way your Cialis ages;
  • storage – after the pills are safely in your possession, the way you store them will affect their shelf life. For best results, store them in a cool, dry place.

Does It Work the Same After Expiration Date?

Cialis tabletsDoes Cialis expire? Yes. Does it work the same past its expiration date? Definitely not. As the medication decays over time its effects will weaken, leading to a less effective drug. While some may simply decide to simply take additional pills to compensate, this is not recommended, as there is no way to tell how much your medication has degraded over time. Taking more than your Cialis recommended dosage can lead to unexpected or even dangerous results.

If your bottle of Cialis is past its expiration date, your best bet is to simply purchase a new shipment as soon as possible. While it might run you a bit extra, it is better than suffering the results of overdose. In the future, making sure you order the right amount will ensure that you make it through your supply before it expires.

Can You Take Expired Cialis Pills?

There is no way to tell if your Cialis is expired just by looking at it, which means you need to rely on your calendar, and on the experience of professionals. When in doubt, it is always better to simply place a new order, rather than putting yourself in potential danger.

However, if your heart is set on trying expired Cialis pills, then one tip would be to check with your supplier first. They will have the best insight into how long your particular bottle is good for and offer the most detailed and accurate advice for taking it. If you try a pill and the results are the same as always, it means you are in the clear for a few more weeks. Though if the results seem lessened, then it is probably no longer good.

Ordering Strategically

CialisThe best defense against taking expired Cialis is ordering strategically and ensuring that you have the right amount of pills for your needs. Many online pharmacies that deliver to the US, like, offer incentives to order in bulk, such as free shipping on orders above $150. However, taking advantage of this means understanding your own usage habits.

If you are new to Cialis, then start by ordering small and work your way up. Keep track of your usage for the first month, and count the number of pills you take during this period. Then multiply this number by twelve and you have the maximum number of tablets you can order for a one year period. As long as you stay relatively consistent in your usage, you can continue buying one year at a time, or break your ordering cycle into six-month increments if you prefer.

Calculating your Bulk Order

Different online pharmacies will offer a range of different prices, and getting a grip on your favorite shop’s rates is important. Let’s take as an example of a low-priced pharmacy that offers incentives for buying in bulk. See some of their rates in the table below:

  • 10 pills $2.99 per pill;
  • 20 pills $2.49 per pill;
  • 30 pills $2.29 per pill;
  • 50 pills $1.59 per pill;
  • 100 pills $0.89 per pill;
  • 200 pills $0.83 per pill;
  • 300 pills $0.79 per pill.

Another way to save

ManAnother option for men starting out on their first order of Cialis is to try a free sample. Many forward-thinking online pharmacies today offer samples of their most in demand drugs to first-time customers.

The idea is that they are so proud of their product that they are eager to let newbies experience the quality first hand. It is good news for first-timers looking to save some cash and try something totally new.

To get started, simply visit and click their Free Samples tab.

They offer samples in all of the most popular ED drugs, and you will be able to take your pick from any of them. After paying a small shipping charge, you will be able to get all the information you need to place a full order.

How to Get Free Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

How to Get Free Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Want to know where and how to get free trial erectile dysfuncion drugs? Read this article to learn all ways to get free ED pills.

Men have suffered from erectile dysfunction for decades, losing their ability to achieve a consistent erection during sex and often sapping the passion that had once made their relationships so strong. With the majority of men experiencing the condition at some point in their lives, it has become one of the most common and serious conditions in existence. However, in the mid-nineties, Viagra was brought to the market for the first time by the Pfizer Corporation, promising strong and consistent erections for all men, as well as healthier and more satisfying love lives. Now that most men across the world have heard of or even tried Viagra for themselves, it has become one of the most popular drugs as well. Shortly after, Cialis and Levitra joined the fray to bring their own unique results as strong alternatives. Today, the only downside to all of this is that these drugs fetch increasingly higher prices. As a result, many men are not able to try it for themselves and earn all of the life changing benefits. If this describes you, read below for a number of different solutions that can put one of the most popular and effective drugs in your pocket.

Viagra is a drug made to treat erectile dysfunction for men. As one of the first and certainly most popular options within this category, it has earned a steady reputation for itself over the years.

This is the drug’s main benefit, a reputation that allows users to trust that they are getting consistent results each and every time they take it. However, when stacked up against other ED meds like Cialis or Levitra, Viagra has a few other benefits to take note of. For one thing, it is proven to be stronger, offering longer lasting erections for those who take it. It is also one of the most versatile, as it allows doses from 5 mg to 100 mg for different uses and strengths. Finally, it can be taken with food, making it easy to incorporate into any healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Free Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The Challenges

The key challenge with Viagra and other ED meds are their cost. When buying real Viagra in the USA, pills are often ordered directly through the Pfizer corporation, who ask for up to $50 per pill in certain cases. For many budgets, this price is simply impossible without a good insurance plan, leaving millions across the world without any way to get the medication they need for happy and healthy relationships. Another major hurdle for those trying to get their hands on the pill is the prescription requirement. It is common for men experiencing ED to be shy about sharing their condition with their doctor or even stopping by the pharmacy to pick up their prescription. In each case, many men simply do without.

Where to Get Free Viagra Pills?

Free Viagra SamplesThe good news is that there are plenty of ways to get free Viagra pills by mail that won’t have you jumping from doctor to doctor. Doing so offers the double bonus of bringing quality medication at just a fraction of the price, while also delivering it directly to your door. Mail order Viagra allows users to skip embarrassing doctor visits and hassling trips to the local pharmacy. Orders are often shipped in unmarked packaging to allow for maximum privacy. If you are wondering how to get your own free, or reduced cost Viagra, try out some of these options, or read below for more detailed information.

  • Viagra samples with 3, 6, or 100 free pills;
  • coupons;
  • pharmacy voucher;
  • sample pack deals;
  • generic medications.

Free Samples

It may sound like a bit of a surprise, but there are actually a number of online pharmacies who are eager to give away free samples to new and old customers alike. The idea is that once you try the quality medications they have to offer, you will be so impressed that you will keep on coming back for more. Free ED trial samples are one of the quickest ways to tell if a pharmacy is confident about their product, and should be a good indicator for a trustworthy source. The way it works is you find a supplier who offers free samples of Viagra or your favorite ED medication of choice, and simply place your order. While many of these websites will charge a nominal shipping fee, this price will still save heaps of money over the competition, making it a risk-free way to try something new and beneficial.

Coupon and Voucher offers

Even if you can’t find totally free samples of the medications you are looking for, there are always plenty of different coupons floating around for those who need their ED med fix. This could be a good option for first-timers but is definitely well suited to those who already love Viagra and want to put in a larger order to keep them going for longer. Different coupon and voucher offers can cut back on shipping, cut costs in half, or let you buy more for less.

Cialis Free Offer

Free Cialis Trial PackOne option to try right off the bat could be Cialis free pills. There are many websites who offer 30-day samples of this effective drug without prescription, delivered to your door overnight. Whether you go with generic or name brand Cialis, it can be a perfect solution for those who want to try something a bit different. And now, Cialis even offers professional formulations, which allow users easier integration of the drug into their everyday lives.

Levitra Samples without Prescription

Levitra is another excellent alternative ED medication if you are looking for slightly different results. The newest medication out of the three, it has begun turning heads by offering reliable results that live up to users’ expectations. At the end of the day, the option of three different major name brand ED drugs means getting to choose the one that works best for your system. Even if you don’t get the desired results from your first choice, most will be able to find an ideal solution in one of the other two.

Generic Drugs

If you are shopping for ED meds online without a prescription, chances are you are looking at a selection of generic drugs. As the name suggests, generic medicines are those sold outside of major brand names like Viagra or Cialis and are instead marketed under the name of their chemical compound. Aside from this, there are two major factors that distinguish generic drugs from one another. The first is the cost. Generic drugs can often be obtained for under $2 per pill and in some cases as low as $1 per pill! And while the price hits rock bottom, the quality remains the same. Generic drugs are so popular online because they offer the exact same results as the name brand options. Trying them out for yourself should be at the top of any to-do list. Take a look at the table below for a guide to common ED medications and their generic names.

  • Viagra – Sildenafil;
  • Citrate Cialis – Tadalafil;
  • Levitra – Vardenafil;
  • Staxyn – Vardenafil;
  • Stendra – Avanafil.

Other Ways to Try on Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Aside from the options listed above, the internet is full of different ways to bring quality medications to the people who need them most. Do a little research and browse through your favorite online pharmacists to see what new and exciting deals they are offering this week. After you get a lay of the land, you will become an expert at finding the newest and best deals available. Also you need to try erectile dysfunction Combo Pack – to learn what medicines work best of all.

Choosing the Right Pharmacy

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Free PillsNo matter how you plan on getting your free or discounted Viagra meds, understanding how to choose a trustworthy supplier is everything. The first and most obvious factor is price. After you get your free samples, and cash in your coupons, will you be able to keep returning for low prices? Make sure to check how they treat their long term customers as well as their new converts. The second quick and easy way to gauge a new supplier is to look at what past customers have to say. A quality CialisBitcoins online pharmacy will be ready and able to share past customer Viagra and Cialis testimonials that can give greater insight into how good of a company they really are. Look for noteworthy praise covering everything from customer service, to shipping times, to quality of medication. In time, you might be one of the many singing the praises of your new pharmacy!

Taking Action Today

There is no better time to start than now for getting affordable ED medications. Become one of the many to bypass the doctor’s office visits, long pharmacy lines, and over-inflated prices to reach a lifetime of sexual satisfaction. Freebies are always a great way to start since they pose no financial risk whatsoever, allowing you to enjoy the results without stress or fear. Still wondering “where can I get my free ED drugs” or have any further questions or concerns about how to get started before buying? Get in touch with a trusted online pharmacy today and witness their customer service skills first hand!

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Many sufferers of erectile dysfunction are often put off trying medications due to the Cialis price being too high in their hometown or area. Good news: You can order free generic Cialis tablets & get it delivered by mail.

In austere times, some may see drugs such as Cialis as something of a luxury – despite the fact that their own sexual health is suffering as a result of not taking the medication.

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Taking Cialis When Viagra Falls Short

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While a great drug for many, it is also true that Viagra falls a bit short for some of the men who try to incorporate it into their regular sexual life.

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You don’t have to just live with erectile dysfunction anymore, thanks to the many different treatments available for this condition. Before you decide which treatment is the best for you, you’ll need to take a closer look at erectile dysfunction and all the options available.

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Cialis – The Changing Shape of Erectile Dysfunction Industry

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