Staxyn Side Effects, Recommended Dose, Interactions

One of the best ways to minimize Staxyn side effects is to take no more than the recommended dose, which will be covered below.

One of the most notable Staxyn side effects is known as priapism. This refers to erections that do not subside.
Staxyn Side Effects

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Staxyn is a brand name for Vardenafil, a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The brand Staxyn is used for sales of Vardenafil in India.

Staxyn Drug Information

Staxyn received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be sold as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in 2003.

Staxyn is effective for about 80% of men who take it. Cialis (a brand name for Tadalafil) is effective for 81% of men. However, both are somewhat less effective than Viagra, which leads the industry with a rate of 83 to 84%.

Contrary to popular belief, FDA-approved ED drugs such as Staxyn do not bring about spontaneous erections or cause people to become sexually aroused. Sexual arousal is a complex phenomenon with both physical and psychological components; for the moment, there are no pharmaceuticals that can cause a person to experience sexual arousal on demand. Instead of attempting to make men sexually aroused, Staxyn removes physical obstacles that can hamper the formation of erections.

Like all other ED drugs that have been approved to date by the FDA, Staxyn is a PDE5 inhibitor. The series of reactions that constitute Staxyn’s powerful impact on erectile dysfunction are somewhat complicated, but they unfold as follows:

In the absence of ED, when a man experiences sexual arousal, nitric oxide is released in the tissues of the penis. The influx of nitric oxide reacts with a chemical in the penis named guanylyl cyclase. As a result of this reaction, the concentration of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) increases. This compound enables smooth muscles in the base of the penis to relax. The muscle relaxation provides space for blood vessels in the penis to dilate, which augments the blood flow into the penis, thus enabling the formation of an erection.

In many people, this natural sequence of reactions is derailed through the presence of Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). PDE5 prevents the vasodilatory effect of cGMP by degrading the compound. This precludes the increase in blood flow that is necessary to create or sustain an erection.

ED drugs such as Staxyn are sometimes called PDE5 inhibitors. This is because they forestall the reaction between PDE5 and cGMP. This allows cGMP to bring about increased blood flow, and for erections to form much more easily.

Common Staxyn Side Effects

Adverse Reactions Reported by Patients Treated with Vardenafil

Headache 4% 15%
Flushing 1% 11%
Rhinitis 3% 9%
Dyspepsia 1% 4%
Accidental Injury 2% 3%
Sinusitis 1% 3%
Flu Syndrome 2% 3%
Dizziness 1% 2%
Increased Creatine Kinase 1% 2%
Nausea 1% 2%

Solid statistics are available on the proportion of men affected by different types of Staxyn side effects. Around 14% of men who take Staxyn experience headaches. 8% of men experience flushing in the face or the neck as a result of Staxyn’s vasodilatory properties. Around 3% of people who take Staxyn experience some nasal congestion, 3% experience an upset stomach and 2% experience some dizziness.

One of the best ways to minimize Staxyn side effects is to take no more than the recommended dose, which will be covered below.

Less Common Staxyn Side Effects

Staxyn also has some less common side effects; some of these Staxyn side effects are more serious.

Around 2% of men who take Staxyn have some back pain or muscle pain. This almost always disappears in 24-36 hours.

One of the most notable Staxyn side effects is known as priapism. This refers to erections that do not subside. If you have an erection that lasts for four hours or more, you should seek medical attention immediately. If priapism is not treated in short order, it can cause lasting damage to the penis. In severe cases, men who do not seek treatment for priapism may lose the ability to maintain erections in the future.

In very rare cases, Staxyn may also cause changes in vision. Some men experience objects in their field of vision as taking on a blue or green tinge. Others experience a loss of vision or visual acuity in one or both eyes. If you experience any of these Staxyn side effects you should call your doctor immediately and stop taking any PDE5 inhibitors. It must be emphasized that these vision-related Staxyn side effects are extremely rare.

Vardenafil & Staxyn Dosage Instructions

Vardenafil should be taken at least 25 minutes prior to intimacy. Its effects last for about four or five hours.

You should keep an eye on what you eat when you intend to take Vardenafil. This is because the drug is somewhat less effective if you have recently had a meal that is high in fat.

Levitra Dosage Varies 10 20 Standard 40 60 mg

Staxyn recommended dose

The recommended dose of Staxyn is 20 mg. A dose at this level is more than sufficient for most men who can benefit from Staxyn to see the results for themselves.

Staxyn is normally intended to be used on an as-needed basis. It should be taken prior to planned intimacy, rather than taken regularly to be prepared for the possibility of intimacy. If you prefer to always be prepared for intimacy, Cialis may be a better option for you.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Medicines named ‘nitrates’ are often used to treat angina. Chemicals named nitrites tend to be used recreationally. Both of these should not be consumed alongside Staxyn. Just as Staxyn does, nitrates and nitrites lower blood pressure. Having a significant concentration in the body of more than one substance that decreases blood pressure can be very dangerous.

In most cases, Staxyn should not be taken if you are using alpha blockers. Examples of alpha blockers include Doxazosin and Prazosin. Drugs in this class reduce blood pressure by hindering the stimulation of adregenic receptors. Given that Staxyn and alpha blockers both have a vasodilatory effect, using them together would have an additive effect on blood pressure, and may render blood pressure dangerously low.

Although fruits are not a drug in the traditional sense, one should never eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice at a time when Staxyn is in your bloodstream (or prior to taking Staxyn). These substances have a decisive impact on the rate of uptake of Staxyn into the bloodstream. They can cause Staxyn to be absorbed at an extremely fast rate such that the drug may reach a dangerous concentration in the bloodstream.

Antihypertensives are a class of drugs that is used to treat hypertension. Just as with alpha blockers, nitrates and nitrites, using two medications that lower blood pressure simultaneously involves numerous risks.

Using any of the drugs above does not necessarily indicate that you will not be able to benefit from Staxyn. For example, it may be possible to take Staxyn provided that none of the drugs above are in your system at the same time. However, if you use any of the drugs above you should certainly check with your doctor before taking Staxyn.

Staxyn and Alcohol

Alcohol can make a significant contribution to many different types of romantic situation. However, if you are taking Staxyn, it is in your interest to drink as little alcohol as possible while it is in your bloodstream.

Alcohol can seriously reduce a man’s ability to get and sustain an erection. Many people believe that alcohol increases sexual desire and augments performance. However, alcohol does not actually make people feel sexual desire; instead, its disinhibitory effect can bring sexual desire that is already felt to the fore. Nevertheless, alcohol’s net effect is almost always counterproductive in terms of erectile function.

Erections are normally created and sustained through two basic processes. First, blood vessels at the base of the penis dilate to accommodate greater blood flow into the penis. Second, blood vessels constrict, preventing the influx of blood from leaving the penis and maintaining the erection.

Alcohol has vasodilatory properties: it causes blood vessels to expand and prevents constriction. For this reason, a man with substantial blood alcohol will be less able to constrict blood vessels in the base of the penis, and therefore will be less able to maintain an erection.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth encapsulated the effects of alcohol on sex neatly: “Lechery, sir, it provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance…in conclusion, equivocates him in a sleep, and, giving him the lie, leaves him.”

Thus, even if Staxyn works exactly as it should, drinking too much alcohol can take away the performance.

On account of the fact that Staxyn and alcohol both cause low blood pressure, drinking alcohol can pose problems for men taking Staxyn. If low blood pressure is mild, symptoms may include feeling dizzy, nausea, lightheadedness or fainting. More serious low blood pressure can cause heart attacks, strokes or kidney failure. Only a very small proportion of men who mix Staxyn and alcohol experience serious problems such as these. However, the combination of these two drugs is known to be dangerous, and should be avoided whenever possible.