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Levitra 10 mg


Staxyn is the brand name form of Vardenafil in India, and is comparable to brand Levitra. We recommend ordering generic Staxyn online to see if this tablet works better than traditional Levitra or other erectile dysfunction drugs.

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Generic Staxyn Online


Levitra (generic name Vardenafil) is a use as needed drug for treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It was first developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schering-Plough. It was FDA-approved not long after Viagra, in 1998, and has been produced and sold around the world since then. Like Viagra, Levitra is taken about an hour to two hours before sexually activity. Levitra tends to last slightly longer than Viagra, at about 5 hours, while Viagra only lasts about 4 hours. While some men find that Viagra works better for them, some men who experience side effects from Viagra find that Levitra is their best option.


The recommended dosage of Levitra is 20 mg on average, but can be adjusted between 10 mg and 60 mg. 60 mg is the maximum amount that should be taken per day. These 10 mg tablets can be ordered online for as low as $0.79 per pill! If you are unsure what dosage is best for you, starting with 10 mg is a great choice. You can then either decrease your dose but cutting the tablets in half, or take two at a time for a stronger dose.


Staxyn is the brand name form of Vardenafil in India, and is comparable to brand Levitra. Staxyn has been gaining approval in the U.S. and Canada over the last few years. This tablet dissolves on the tongue, rather than being swallowed as a pill. This method allows it to enter the bloodstream more quickly, and work more quickly. Instead of taking it hours before sexual intercourse, you can take it about 15 minutes before. The best way to see how it works for you is to try it! We recommend ordering generic Staxyn online to see if this tablet works better than traditional Levitra or other erectile dysfunction drugs.


You can now purchase generic Staxyn online, for a fraction of the price of brand name Staxyn. There are numerous benefits to buying generic Staxyn online. We offer the best prices, fast delivery (only 7 days to the U.S.), and eliminate the need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a prescription, or drive to a pharmacy to pick it up. You can also order Generic Staxyn online in bulk, saving you time and money in the future. Your sexual health should not be limited because of excessive drug pricing. Order your generic Staxyn online today through our Cialis Bitcoins online pharmacy.

Generic Staxyn online