How Our Shipping Was Affected by Coronavirus 😷

COVID-19 Impacts Summary

Deliveries finally resumed after weeks of coronavirus lockdown. Expect delivery of shipped orders in around 27-35 days (40-60 days for the UK due to very limited flights). Your package should arrive sooner, but it can take this long because all departing parcels will have to remain in Singapore waiting for the next cargo flight for about 10 days. Then the packages will be departed overseas, and only after 2 weeks will be scanned at the first US, UK, or Australian port. You should expect your shipment to arrive in July.

Proof #1 (US)
Proof #2 (Australia)
Proof #3 (UK)

However, we’re still experiencing significant delivery delays in international shipments from Singapore due to limited flights (especially for orders from the UK), social distancing requirements, and increased parcel volumes. These delays are inevitable. Please understand this, and we apologize. This situation is new for everyone in the world, and unfortunately, we are all affected in one way or another.

COVID-19 has severely impacted the international movement of people and goods as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, airlines have drastically reduced international services, leading to a significant reduction in air freight capacity and frequency to and from Singapore to all international destinations. Please note that shipments to and from overseas will result in substantial delay, even as we work round the clock with our partner airlines and posts.

If you placed your order with us before March 20 and your package never arrived, please contact our support – we will provide a solution.

COVID-19 Crisis Update: Updated Jun 16, 2020

Dear customers,

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we first and foremost want to express our sympathy to all those affected. As the world seems to be at a standstill, this crisis touches us all in some way. We wish everyone a swift recovery and a rapid return to better days.

Expected Delivery: July

Despite the quarantine, our teams in India and Singapore continue to pack new shipments and register parcels in the postal system to ensure that the orders are dispatched and delivered ASAP.

Why Requesting a Refund is a Bad Idea

Please do not request a refund. Here’s why.

Our team works hard to get your order delivered as soon as possible. Your package has already been packed and will be dispatched as soon as postal service between countries resumes. A request for a refund means that we must find your package, unpack it and our support team must send a refund request to the bank.

Worldwide refund departments are overloaded and your request will be processed for weeks or even months. In addition, a large number of refund requests mean that banks will impose fines on us and we will no longer be able to accept credit/debit cards and PayPal so some vendors will be forced to leave the business in case of too many refund requests (just like ModafinilCat did). We don’t like fees, you don’t like fees but banks take advantage of this crisis by charging enormous fees.

We understand that this is an extremely unpopular measure, but we are freezing refunds until this crisis ends. In return, we can provide you our store credit. It comes with a 10% bonus to make your next purchase more beneficial for you.

Please bear with us. This situation is unprecedented for everyone and we assure you we are doing our best to get the logistics optimized. You can trust us.

We have always worked hard so that you can buy generic meds at the lowest prices. Today we need your support – just keep calm and wait – your order will be delivered soon.

Please be easy on our support agents as there is nothing they can do. Prepare for the delays and keep an eye on tracking updates.

Stay safe,


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