Top 10 Gay Politicians & Sex Scandals

Top 10 Gay Politicians & Phillip Hinkle Sex Scandal

There’s nothing worse than gay politicians who spend decades trying to shame, bully, and remove rights from other gay Americans. Try as they might, the homophobic hypocrites on this list couldn’t stop marriage equality from becoming the law of the land. They sure put up a fight, though, telling voters they were protecting religious values when they were actually protecting their own dirty secrets.

Top 10 Anti-Gay Politicians Caught Being Gay

The closets have been opened, and these politicians’ real sexual preferences are exposed. But there’s nothing like a little delicious irony to start your day, right? Relive the moments of truth all over again with our list of the ten most flagrant homophobic hypocrites. These anti-gay politicians were caught being gay in sex scandals that rocked the country. Learn how it all went down before you get back to your own bedroom activities.

1. Senator Larry Craig

Anti-Gay Senator Larry Craig Caught Being Gay

This former Idaho senator is probably the king of all the hypocritical gay politicians. Do you think he leads secret orgies for all the exposed and ashamed men on our list? If so, we hope he does a better job with his screening process, because it was an undercover police officer who caught him the first time. Larry Craig was one of the most anti-gay politicians in the Senate when he propositioned the officer in an airport bathroom of all places. Of course, he pretended he touched the man’s penis by accident, but after more former sex partners and harassment victims came forward, it was hard to keep that lie going.

2. Attorney General Troy King

Anti-Gay Attorney General Troy King Caught Being Gay

Alabama’s former attorney general is a textbook example of overcompensation. Troy defended his state’s Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act, a statute that sounds like it was created in 1938 rather than 1998. Now a state law, the act bans the sale of sex toys, defined as any material or device that stimulates human genitals. But while Troy was “protecting” his state from the horrors of intentional orgasms, he was getting plenty of his own side action from a male assistant who was once crowned homecoming king of a local university. Apparently cheating on your wife with college royalty is fine, but vibrators and anal beads are disgusting tools of the devil…

3. Congressman David Dreier and Gay Politicians Sex Scandals

Anti-Gay Congressman David Dreier Caught Being Gay

Some gay politicians are so good at hiding in plain sight, they actually hire their male partners as staff members to keep them close. In the case of this Republican congressman from California, the partner wasn’t just his chief of staff; they were also living together when the gay sex scandal finally broke. But here’s the thing: Dreier voted against multiple acts that would have protected people like himself and his partner, Brad Smith. The hate crimes bill named after Matthew Shepard managed to pass without this hypocrite’s support, but he was successful in his efforts to prevent a non-discrimination act that would protect gay employees. I guess he thought secrecy in the workplace was a much better option than tolerance.

4. State Rep. Phillip Hinkle and Kameryn Gibson

Phillip Hinkle Gay Sex Scandal Kameryn Gibson

Indiana made headlines when it allowed businesses to discriminate against gay customers, but years before that, its constitution got an anti-gay marriage amendment thanks to one of its dirtiest gay politicians. Phillip Hinkle got the most depressing sex scandal of all time, though, so it’s okay. He didn’t even get off with his young Kameryn Gibson – Craigslist hottie before the 18-year-old changed his mind and backed out of the sex tryst. For some reason, Hinkle had his sister pick him up and she immediately told his wife, who didn’t seem very surprised. In fact, she was just worried her paid gig as a beard would be over.

6. State Rep. Randy Boehning

Anti-Gay State Rep. Randy Boehning Caught Being Gay

North Dakota had an online sex scandal involving gay politicians of its own. This state representative voted against workplace and housing protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, then he turned around and sent dick pictures to 21-year-olds on Grindr. Boehning claims his bisexual identity has always been a “challenge” because he wants to echo his constituents’ beliefs, not his own. A politician who actually cares about representing the people who elected him? Yeah, let’s get back to a slightly more realistic topic: gay politicians who will do anything to stay in office.

7. Candidate Steve Wiles

Anti-Gay Candidate Steve Wiles Caught Being Drug Queen

This former drag queen wanted to be a Republican state senator in North Carolina, but voters couldn’t see past his moral disconnect. Apparently, after promoting Miss Gay America and taking to the stage as Miss Mona Sinclair, he still felt that marriage was foremost a religious institution. Which begs the question: why is the government deciding who can and can’t enter a religious institution, anyway? The puritan pilgrims would be more ashamed of that than self-hating gay politicians. Wasn’t that kind of the whole point of claiming this country for our own?

8. County Commissioner Bruce Barclay

County Commissioner Bruce Barclay Caught Being Gay Sex Scandals

This one is a whammy, so it’s okay that Bruce (what a name, by the way) didn’t hold a state-level title. Anti-gay Barclay had to resign in 2008 because he didn’t get the memo about hiding his hypocrisy. Instead, he documented his secret sex life himself – to the tune of hundreds of videotapes of male prostitutes in his own bed.

9. Senator Roy Ashburn

Anti-Gay Senator Roy Ashburn Caught Being Gay

This California Republican wasn’t caught in bed with a man, but his exposure was even worse because it involved a crime. He was caught behind the wheel after getting drunk at a gay club, and his 2010 arrest finally exposed his proclivities to the state. Ashburn took a similar stance to Boehning and Wiles, telling constituents that his anti-gay voting record was for them. How… sweet? He also called his gay identity “personal”, but we think you lose the right to say that when you try to punish others for embracing their own gay identities.

10. Congressman Edward Schrock

Congressman Edward Schrock Caught Being Gay Sex Scandals

This Republican from Virginia had a Watergate-style sex scandal back in 2004, when a website exposed recordings of Schrock on a telephone service for gay men. Apparently, Schrock thinks oral sex should be limited to the oral exchanges during phone sex, because he worked hard to prevent gay people from serving in the military before that ban was finally lifted. He apparently believed soldiers’ sexual preferences were fair game on entrance exams because they would be sharing close quarters with other men. Do congressional quarters count?

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