Premature Ejaculation: Definition, Reasons and Solution

Premature Ejaculation: Definition, Reasons and Solution

Premature Ejaculation: Definition, Reasons and Solution

20%-30% of men in the world experience problems with ejaculation at the wrong time. Such an issue gives them and their partners plenty of troubles and even ruins relationships. You also have premature ejaculation and tried to cope with it on your own to the end, haven’t you? No more suffering! Read this article and find out the working methods to overcome PE on short notice.

You spent the whole day dreaming about amazing sex with your partner. The clock says your working day has just ended, so you can get yourself ready and head home.

Now it’s time to stop worrying and start acting. Fortunately, you’ve just stumbled upon this article in which you will find what exactly premature ejaculation is, why it happens to you, and the working solution to get rid of it forever.

Premature Ejaculation: Definition, Reasons and Solution

Definition of Premature Ejaculation

First of all, let’s provide you with a simple definition of this problem. Premature ejaculation (further referred to as PE) is when a man ejaculates much earlier than what usually occurs under normal conditions. The ejaculation can take place even before the penetration that leads to frustration for both partners.

Premature ejaculationFor your information: the average time a man needs to ejaculate is 4-5 minutes, while in the case of PE, a person usually ejaculates within 30-60 seconds from the beginning of intercourse.

PE may be accompanied by other men’s health issues. One of the most widespread is erectile dysfunction (ED) which manifests in a man’s inability to achieve a stable erection. A person who has both PE and ED may ejaculate even when his penis is in its flaccid state. Usually, this trouble happens to older men.

Why Does It Happen: PE Causes

There is still no established list of scientifically proven reasons for PE. However, we know for sure which things can’t cause this problem in any way. It’s merely a myth that those who have a small penis or low testosterone suffer from PE, whereas others do not. A common perception that only young and inexperienced men have PE also isn’t quite true. Mature people also can have this disorder regardless of sex frequency and the number of partners. Of course, PE may be a short-term effect caused by anxiety about a first sexual experience with a new partner, but why does it happen every time when a person has sex and turns into a long-term unpleasant issue?

Experts lean towards psychological causes for premature ejaculation. The physical reasons still have their own place in cases when men can experience it because of direct injury or recent surgery. Don’t worry: these cases are quite rare and probably don’t concern you. Some scientists claim that PE may manifest as a side effect of specific drugs or can be caused by prostatitis. Also, it has been proven that those who have PE have a faster neurological response in the pelvic muscles.

Still, the majority of patients have solely psychological problems associated with PE. They can be divided into 3 major groups.

  1. Young men who have sex for the first time in their lives.

This group of people usually feel a bit anxious about their partner and feel great responsibility for their actions in bed. It can lead not only to PE but also to occasional ED when a man can’t achieve a steady erection because he is totally stressed.

The opposite thing can happen, too. A young person feels himself so much aroused and excited about his first time that he simply can’t hold back.

In most cases, both problems are just a matter of time. Otherwise, things to help are good psychotherapy and a frank conversation with the partner. We don’t recommend using drugs if a man doesn’t suffer from any other sexual related issues.

  1. Middle-aged men who refrained from sex for specific reasons.

SexYou belong to this group if you are in your thirties, forties, or early fifties and haven’t had sex for a long period.

Sexual activities require specific skills, and a lot of men can be concerned that they forgot what to do and are not sure in their ability to satisfy a partner anymore.

This also can lead to PE as well as low sexual confidence in a long-term relationship. This situation may be compounded by ED, which only adds oil to the fires.

Which doctor can help in this case? You can reach out to a psychologist (if you suspect the root of the problem lies in your psychological condition), a urologist (if there is a physical cause of PE), or even a sexologist (especially if you have some unresolved issues in relations with your partner).

  1. Elderly men who experience a decrease in sexual desire and lack of control over their erection and ejaculation.

Our libido and ability to achieve erection tends to decline with age. An old man may experience troubles with ejaculation, too. One day he can realize that he can’t control himself in bed as well as before.

Do any of these descriptions sound like you? This isn’t the time to give up because the solution still exists. But before we tell you how to overcome PE, let’s discuss common symptoms of this disorder.

Common Symptoms

The major symptom of PE is an inability to delay ejaculation. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. A man with PE doesn’t feel fully satisfied during sexual intercourse, let alone his partner. As one can imagine, this results in the emergence of some other psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, etc. and can cause problems in communication with potential partners, etc.

A man’s psychological condition is tightly related to sexual activity, so he can start feeling nervous in a particular situation. And what’s worse? It can affect a long-term relationship when his partner becomes discouraged with his behavior.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation?

There are several ways to fight PE:

  1. Self-Treatment.


If you haven’t tried any methods to solve your problem on your own, the following tips will likely help you:

  • masturbate shortly before intercourse to get rid of excessive tension. After this, you will not be highly aroused during sex, so you can have a better control over your ejaculation. Please note: this tip won’t work for men with ED and people with a lack of sexual desire;
  • as that moment approaches, try to conjure up non-sexual objects. Some men report that they involve the imagination and think about something neutral;
  • move more slowly inside your partner and reduce the frequency of frictions. However, this one works if your partner is aroused enough;
  • eat specific products. Which food prevent premature ejaculation? Spinach, turkey, oysters, watermelon, and almonds may help.

Good news: most men improve their conditions by self-treatment. If you’ve already tried it and it doesn’t help you, just keep reading and you will find out more.

  1. Sex and Psychotherapy.

Men who have neurosis, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions separate from PE should consult a psychologist. It seems to be a vicious circle: on the one hand, poor psychological condition may cause PE, on the other, PE can cause a poor psychological condition. However, only in the first case, does a man have the sense to ask for psychological help.

Sex therapy implies some specific techniques recommended by reputable specialists in this field. So, these are things that can help you:

  • Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor;
  • the “stop-start” technique when a man needs to identify his “mid-level excitement.” This way, he stops stimulation and let the arousal decline, and then starts intercourse again. Sexologists recommend starting with self-stimulation in order to practice;
  • the “squeeze technique” implies squeezing the shaft of the penis before ejaculation using the thumb and forefinger. This lead to a reduction of the erection, so it can’t be used by patients with ED.

In the modern age of technology, you can even find mobile applications which help men cope with their premature ejaculation. They include descriptions of popular techniques and allow you track your progress. According to recent studies, these techniques are effective for around 50% of people.

Take PE Drugs That Help Men

The last method works in the vast majority of cases, so you will no longer need to avoid sexual activity. The drugs used for PE increase serotonin in the brain. The high level of this hormone delays ejaculation, so they become an effortless solution for men who don’t experience any positive effect from self-treatment, psychotherapy, or sex therapy.

The most popular drug for PE is Priligy (with an active ingredient dapoxetine inside). Also, our pharmacy offers you combined treatment for both PE and ED as Super P-Force (sildenafil + dapoxetine) and Tadapox (tadalafil + dapoxetine).

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