When It Comes To Sex Cristiano Ronaldo Play For Bi-Sexual?

When debating his preference in sex Cristiano Ronaldo certainly gives both the ladies and the men a cause to ponder whether or not they have any chance in hell with the very sexy Portuguese football stud. His upper echelon sexy status is undeniable; he is non-standard in every sense of the word.

Sex Cristiano Ronaldo Play Football With His Ass

His sensational and near unachievable body, face, hair, and style may be a direct result of his professional athlete status, or from his incredibly successful career and $450 million net worth, or it could be because he is an egomaniac and a sexual deviant who strives for total perfection. Want to see Christiano Ronaldo Naked?

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Top 10 Gay Politicians & Phillip Hinkle Sex Scandal

There’s nothing worse than gay politicians who spend decades trying to shame, bully, and remove rights from other gay Americans. Try as they might, the homophobic hypocrites on this list couldn’t stop marriage equality from becoming the law of the land. They sure put up a fight, though, telling voters they were protecting religious values when they were actually protecting their own dirty secrets.

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